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Since the last post…

Hello again people!
Sorry for the lack of updates. Apart from the reason I’ve been rather stretched for time since my last post, the other reason is that my phone has been kinda acting up and will not allow me to update my blog via mobile and I haven’t actually gotten around to getting hold of any computer/laptop (I think it’s really starting to dawn on me that I should at least get a net book)
Anyhow, even this is kinda like a golden opportunity for me cos I’m actually writing whilst at work. By writing, I mean by pencil and paper, black and white since I’m free. I’m done with work but since my own office is about 1 ½ hrs drive’ away, I’m just gonna sit here at the clients’ office and write instead of driving back. :p Obviously, I had to retype this now as I’m posting this.
As I was saying, yes. I’ve been kinda swamped since my last post. Been fairly busy mostly with church stuff as usual. We had or first WYD briefing in COLA on 2/5 and the VYAs had their first ever retreat at Holiday Lodge, Jerudong at a cost of $70/pax – pretty hefty but it was a holiday retreat I would always cherish! It was awesome!!! Oh and btw, I turned 27 on 12/5 which is very odd for me, even this mentioning “oh btw” shows that bdays (mine) aren’t the highest peek of my year like it used to be…signs I’m getting older I suppose? Yeah, I guess May is no longer “the month” I’m looking forward to –  not solely for that reason at least.
And now it’s June! So far, not that too great a month. It’s one heck of a busy month (and we’re not even ½ way through it!) On 2/6, I went to the border with 2 of my friends to renew my car permit – uneventful but on the way back we received news that Bishop’s mom passed away. I took leave for the funeral on 7/6. 3 days later, on 10/6, another parishioner (friend of the family) passed away as well… And here was the vicariate confirmation retreat (7/6) which I didnt really help much with since it was a weekday and I was working outstation in Seria but I had to come back up to Bandar for the Taize (8/6)…I didnt do too well I think. At least I had recovered my voice from the awful cough/flu/fever I got a few weeks before that! In the midst of being sick, had to accompany my Mom to fetch my bro from Sibu for the Gawai school hols as well…he’s gonna be going back again this Tues though with my parents sending him. I cant this time cos they’ll be there till the weekend but during this weekend, we will have the Festival of Praise (FOP). I’m excited cos this would be my first time helping out in a vicariate level retreat and also cos we have speakers coming all the way from the Philippines. I am also slightly overwhelmed and I hope everything goes on fine.
But before we get to FOP, there is the International Food Fair which will be happening tomorrow (13/6)! We, the Vicariate Young Adults, will have a booth together with the youth and we will be selling Tacos, Pasta Sausages and Lamb! And also the WYD Tshirts…excited about tomorrow as well! Hehehe…
And of course, EVERYBODY knows that it’s THAT time again – WORLD CUP FEVER time!!! 😀
Watched the opening ceremony and opening match between South Africa (host) and Mexico yesterday night…more of that in my next post. Muahahaha…
Well, hope that’s sufficient update from my previous post! 😉

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