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So much to say…

…so little time…
And in just this one post, so…
Warning: This post is very long-winded so if you don’t actually care, don’t bother reading. Or you can just check out the new page I added on the sidebar on the right –>
Firstly, let me just tell you how “patriotic” my Merdeka weekend was last week…
On Thursday night, Merdeka Eve, me and 2 girlfriends went to Travillion ( in Petanak, just after Padungan Road, is home to many newer bars and mainly caters to the Young College crowd. It has bright signage, cheap alcohol, and Techno music.)- info I just found while typing this. LOL. – In reality,it’s not as bad as wikitravel puts it lah. 🙂 There is a eatery there too called PointOne – a foodplace with club ambience with music on at full blast – and that too was “full house”.
So anyways, after “club-hopping” to find the “right” bar, we decided on Jungle but it was packed and we couldn’t get any place to sit so we went to the less-packed Le Rendezvous (which is French for The Meet/Meet Up/Meeting Place) instead. We ordered a jug of Heineken cuz that was the only thing available. The bartender was “outstation” at some Merdeka party somewhere. So, there lah we stayed while waiting for the stroke of midnight. It was nothing much really. As it got closer to midnight, it became more crowded and apart from doing the whole 1,2,3 thing backwards, it wasn’t much of anything. So we went back to Jungle and that’s when the party started. Somewhat.
There were a few teen-angst-ers dancing ON the bars. That, to me, was just “Whoa!”…never saw people doing that before. But then again, this IS only my 2nd time into a club/bar. [1st was Hard Rock Cafe last year on my birthday. 🙂 ]  Apparently, it was just the beginning…soon some highly-intoxicated hormone-pumped skimpy-clad “dolls” were doing the Coyote Ugly and Moulin Rouge acts…That was just jaw-dropping. Kids nowadays…My goodness. They make Cabaret dancers look decent. What would their parents think if they knew? Hmm…
For the record, I’m not at the club to sign-up for the Cabaret or anything even remotely unhealthy. I’m not even there for the drinks. [I only had one glass back at Le Rendezvous and that was it.] I was just there (at a club) to enjoy the music. The music at Jungle was awesome! We hung around awhile before we left at about 1.15am. Stopped for supper at the open air stalls nearby before going home.
The next morning, Merdeka Day, I woke up to a text message from H, an ex-classmate during my diploma days. She wanted to know if I wanted to join her and her sister and her sister’s friends at the beach. I replied: “Do what?”. Her reply: “Mandi lah.”…and that was enough to get me packing. LOL. So we invited B – he was another ex-classmate of ours and hey presto! It was our own little mini reunion! Sweet!!!
We met up with H’s sis’s and her friends at one of the supermarkets to stock up on supplies for the BBQ and stuff (actually, we didn’t even know there would be a BBQ until then. Haha…) and then we were on our way. Destination: Pasir Pandak. The beach was lovely! This was my first time to this particular beach…and it was just lovely… We arrived at around 3pm and after a little misadventure (like the tyre of our car getting stuck in the deep coarse beach sand. LOL.), we picked out a rocky spot at the end of the beach and set up camp. In this case, our BBQ spot lah.
At first it was kinda hard starting the BBQ fire but persistence paid off. I was relieved to have B with us (he was the only guy) cuz if the other 5 girls were like me, all those chicken wings and hotdogs would have gone to waste. (I am totally clueless when it comes to starting a BBQ fire. LOL.) So pretty soon, the fire was a-burning and we were a-smoking! Needless to say, the other people at the beach were attracted to the smell of BBQ chicken and hotdogs as we were the only ones BBQ-ing. Hahaha…

So over the fire, smoke and yummy BBQ wings and franks, me, H and B did what people did at reunions. “So how’s life?” “So what are you doing now?” “So where is A now?” “And what happened to C and D?” “E is married now?!” etc etc etc…it was sweet fun just to take that walk down memory lane…
Towards evening however, we had to do a little less talking and a little more burning. The tide was coming in and the rising water threatened to drown our BBQ fire!!! So we built some strategically placed dams to delay the imminent “flood”, but eventually, the dams gave way – but not before we sucessfully finished BBQ-ing…

Didn’t know BBQ-ing at the beach could be so much fun. LOL.
And then comes the BEST part – MANDI lah!
Yes, I LOVE the water. I am a water person. And I can’t remember when was the last time I went for a dip in the sea…This was just AWESOME! The three of us ended up spending TWO liquid HOURS in the sea and not once did we even get out of the water!

It was just so much fun!!! Really had a blast…we had water “volleyball” and even did flips and dives…and none of us could swim. Hahaha…but it was just wonderful! Sadly, when 7pm came, it was dark already so we knew it was time to go. We got out of our dripping clothes and changed into dry ones then left.
But the night was still young, so we went for dinner at “My Village Barok” across the Kuching waterfront. It was suggested by H and B. Apparently, it has been featured in Jalan2 Cari Makan. I wasn’t aware though. It was my first time there. The food was OK. Time flies when you’re having fun so without realising it, it was already around 10pm when we made our way home. Since it was late and H had a long ride back to her home, she dropped me at H’s and he later sent me home. An incredibly tiring but one of the BEST days of my life… Thanks for the memories guys! 🙂
And the following morning, the 1st of September, I again awoke and this time to a phonecall. It was J, my “sister”. Half an hour later, we were on the way “home” – to Bau. J and I are not blood related but we were “sisters” and the “family” in Bau was our “home away from home” (if you get what I mean, or not, nevermind.) Anyways, we were suppose to have BBQ (again-for me) but the parents had to attend some wedding dinner at night so we had to wait.
So we, all the rest of the family, watched Ratatouille on DVD and then watched a local drama – one that completed spoiled our beloved Bahasa Melayu Sarawak because having Semenanjung actors playing Sarawakians is just lame and the actors really suck at it. After that dose of bad acting, J and I were suddenly craving for cake. (Huh?) So we went to Batu Kawa and bought some. And also some icecream and sweet drinks. 🙂 Then we went back “home” and started operation BBQ and watched Bleach on DVD at the same time. Hehe… And since we only ate after the parents return from the wedding dinner, it was late so we spent the night.
Sunday morning, when I woke up, I didn’t feel too good. I could feel the fever coming. And yet, I still had icecream for breakfast. Haha…But that night I was really feeling under the weather so I tucked in early. If not for that minor detail, my weekend would have been absolutely perfect. 🙂
There, told you this was a long post…and I’m not done! LOL.
Secondly, I wanna say THANK YOU to Clement for awarding me my first ever blogger’s award!
Thoughtful Blogger Award
Xie Xie. Xie Xie. I am so honoured…Really. 🙂
Last but not least, I must now apologize in advance to all you dear readers. Why? Because this post could be the last post for a looooonnnnggggg time. That’s why this post is especially long. Hopefully, that should make up for the possible lack of posts after this.
So why is this my last post in a looooonnnnggggg time? Well, it’s because I have no choice to put this blog under hiatus indefinitely. WHY?! To answer that, I need you to understand a few things. One, I live with my bro who has a 3G phone which I connect to his laptop and use to connect to the net. Two, my bro (and his 3G phone and his laptop) will not be around from one week starting tomorrow cos he’ll be out of town. Three, after he returns next week, he will be going out of town again – this one “outstation” for work and this will be UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR!
So kesimpulannya, I will not be able to update my blog after today unless I go to CC or get hold of the net somehow. So that can’t be often and most probably will be at the most once a week…or less. Unlike the fortunate you, I can’t online from office either cos we don’t even have our own PCs, what more internet access…so yup, I’m going on haitus.
So in an effort to NOT lose touch with my beloved readers, me being the thoughtful blogger I am (ceh!), I added this page to the sidebar. Just drop me a lovenote over there whenever you guys visit this blog k? Keep me updated. Even if I can’t post anything, if I get the tiniest opportunity to go online, I will definitely check and reply the comments on that page…so guys, keep me posted k? Just please…DON’T TAG ME…I dunwanna have a list of pending tags when I eventually do “come back” from hiatus. 🙂
That said, I’m gonna miss y’all and I absolutely LOVE YOU for reading this very long post! Mmuuaahhss!!! 🙂 God bless…
P.S. – I have an interview with a big Brunei firm on Sunday. They’re coming up to Kuching and they’ve emailed me. Actually, I am tickled that they would even consider shortlisting me for interview cos they wanted someone with “4 years working experience”- I barely have 0.5! I guess I must’ve written an awesome cover letter. LOL.

7 thoughts on “So much to say…

  1. mesti ka publish gambar nya..haiya…

  2. Three of you really have alot of FUN !
    Great to be together with friends.

  3. travilion.. heaven of ah bengs and ah lians in kuching.. too loud, too crowded. aiyoh, go cc online lar 🙂

  4. ya lor .. go cc online la ..

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  6. John Doe, picture perfect bah. Apahal nama mala jak tukar2 tu? 🙂
    Keeyit, yes…it’s always nice to be with friends and family…Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see ya around… 🙂
    Clement, may i ask which part of the long post tickled u much? LOL.
    Bong, hahaha…so they’re what is called ah beng and ah lians? Ohh…now I know. CC…kinda off my time/space thingy. LOL.
    Cibol, if I can find that time/space to do so…

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