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33 Reasons I am Thankful today


  1. I am alive – for the past 33 years and counting
  2. My parents; Mom for giving birth to me and Mom&Dad for raising me
  3. My older brother, for being my first friend and confidante, my advisor and supporter even until now.
  4. My younger brothers for always making me laugh (and occasionally cry)
  5. My family for always being there for me; for loving me unconditionally.
  6. Loved ones, for the opportunities to sacrifice myself and to die to selfishness
  7. The Catholic family: for the continuing guidance in this journey of life
  8. Close friends (who are practically family) for accepting me as I am – and loving me even then
  9. Friends who are with me through the good and the bad: I am who I am because you are/were a part of my life
  10. Mentors/Advisors/Elders who are there to guide and support me when needed
  11. People I see on a daily basis (colleagues/housemates included) for making life pleasant and peaceful
  12. My studies; for equipping me with the necessary knowledge/skills to survive in the world of adults
  13. My hobbies, for making me into a more well-rounded person
  14. My travels; for teaching me humility and appreciation of all of God’s creation
  15. My health for not making life difficult to live
  16. My finances for giving me enough to live a comfortable life but not excessively
  17. My job for the opportunities to increase my set of knowledge and skills
  18. My career for giving me a sense of duty and teaching me life lessons
  19. Church ministry for the opportunities to love and serve others
  20. Ministry for giving me a sense of ownership and responsibility in my local church
  21. Fellow ministers in the church for teaching me how have a Servant heart
  22. The innocence of my childhood, for allowing me to develop trust in humanity
  23. The adventures of my youth for showing me that a big world lies ahead of me
  24. The mistakes of my younger days for teaching me rights from wrongs
  25. The experiences of more recent years that continue to grow and shape me into the person I will become by the end of life’s journey
  26. My fears, for preventing me from making bad decisions in life
  27. My worries, for teaching me to surrender it to Him
  28. My hopes for giving me something to wake up to every day
  29. My dreams, that I may learn to trust in Him
  30. My joys and my pains, for making the journey worthwhile!
  31. God’s love and grace that He deemed me worthy of saving from the start
  32. God’s providence for all the good and wonderful things he has blessed me with in the past – and will continue to provide for me till the very end, and last but definitely not the least of them all:
  33. GOD: for all that I am thankful for written above (and all those unwritten as well)

Thank You Lord!!! – for the past 33 years of my existence, and for the many more years to come…

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After all the things we’ve been through together-my first job, my decision to change job instead of going back to school, my moving back to where I grew up, the initial stages of my new job then and as I’m wondering how long I’ll still be at that second job (my current job now)-WE are still here!!!
We made it to the 3rd year!!!
Over the years, you have been with me without fail. You have always been there when I am excited and could not stop talking. You are there when I’m upset and needed to vent. Even when I’m just too busy for you, you faithfully waited for me to return…not to mention all the friends I’ve made because of you…they are your voice in response to all I that share…
I truly cherish the past 2 years..from Kuching to Brunei..from daily updates to less than a post a month show me where I’ve been and where I’m going..and so, my gift to US..I will try my best to update you more regularly now..a post every week..make that my resolution this month.
(and thank you to our dear readers for continuing to support us)

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My attempt at writing a “novel” (so bear with me?) 😉


Foreword: The following story has everything to do with real life characters and real life events! 😀

Waking up that morning used to be one of her fave moments. It was like waking up on Christmas morning, knowing there was a treat waiting under the Christmas Tree…

But that morning, it felt like any other day. If anything, it felt like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed and that a terrible day was ahead! All the greetings in her inbox used to be enough to plaster a smile on her face all day. But this time, they did nothing at all…

It all began the previous night…the feeling of loneliness was so strong then. She could hear the deafening silence that was in her heart…and she would have spent the following day dwelling in her own feelings if it were not for some friends suddenly remembering that the following day was her birthday…

She was never like this before…

As soon as it was her birthmonth, she used to already be smiling and was practically on Cloud 9 almost the whole month through…but this year, she felt very different…She didn’t feel the excitement she used to…She didn’t even make it a point to acknowledge that “Hey! It’s May!” like she normally would…

Yes, that year was a real turning point…yes, “it is just a number”…but, it was a very significant one. The number told her that she had been alive and kicking for a more than a quarter of a century already and Yes, she was very thankful for that, but at the same time, it scared her! To look back at all she had achieved (and not achieved) in such a period was just…overwhelming. But most of all, it made her realise how lonely she was…to be without her loved ones, family and close friends by her side, especially on that day…and what of the future? She wondered…

Inspite of her feelings, she tried to be positive about the day. She decided, rather as an afterthought, that she would wear something different to work. She decided to wear a skirt instead of her usual pants. She turned quite a number of heads and received quite a number of compliments that day. It was a good feeling, albeit briefly. It also meant a lot to her that her close colleagues remembered her, wished her and gave her a gift. But the day was far from over and aching on really slowly to her disdain…But gradually, the many more wishes that came pouring in through sms, facebook and friendster managed to make her smile a little smile…

Fortunately for her, some of her friends the previous night had insisted that they made plans to celebrate. She really didn’t feel like celebrating at that time (which was so unlike her!) but they insisted so she consented, almost grudgingly. So after work, she went over to meet them. She was touched that they made an effort to inform a few others as well, and they too came. From feeling totally lonesome the previous day, the last-minute dinner plan turned out to be just what she needed! The company was nice. The memories, cherished. And by then end of the dinner, she felt better than she had all day…

How ironic that when she didn’t want the day to end, it was…

However, that dinner changed everything and the next day she was back to her usual not-miserable-self. She was glad her friends didn’t let her let that day pass by like any other day. If they had, she would have regretted it her entire life and her “miserableness” would have taken over…forever…But love conquered that, and for that she was truly thankful

A few late wishes still came in the following day and the best was the “surprise party” the same friends from the night before had planned for her…although due to her “miserableness” the previous day, they had accidentally let the “secret” out early…but still, she enjoyed the surprise – especially the unique and special “cake” they got – and everyone who was there.

And then icing on the cake?

When a father-figure unexpectedly gave her a birthday present

Indeed, she would never forget the emotional rollercoaster that was her birthday that year.


P.S. So, how was my “novel”? 😉

P.P.S To everyone who remembered…THANK YOU for saving me from myself… Mwah!

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I will need…

1. A Badminton Racket
For the past 8 weeks(?) the Firm has been organising badminton sessions every Friday after work. So far, I’ve only been to 3 sessions I think. Apart from Friday meaning I usually immediately embark on my 1-hr drive to Seria for the weekends, another reason is, I don’t have a racket! I don’t wanna have to borrow from the others all the time. It just doesn’t feel “nice”. Sure, perhaps they really don’t mind, but still…

And do you know how expensive REAL rackets  (i.e. not the heavy, imitation rackets) cost? 🙁
2. A Laptop
The past couple of weeks I have been using the Firm’s laptop. Cool? Well, apparently not really because:
– I can only use it IN the office (means not allowed to bring back home)
– I am not allowed to use it to go online with it. WT…?!

My dream laptop…

And people around logically think that I would own a laptop rather than own a car. Dang! I’m driving my OWN car which I pay for with MY hard-earned cash okay?!
3. A Better Phone

Do you know what phone I am using now? It’s a Sony Ericsson K500i (I think) – a very basic phone. It can only be used for texting, calls and it only has internal memory which is really2 limited. It has a camera but it didn’t come with any cable for data transfer, and bluetooth is also not possible as it only has infrared. I know its better than the olden day Nokia 3310 (my very 1st cellphone which I probably would still be using if it hadn’t been stolen) but with the capability of surfing the net on cellphones these days I am really really really missing out, almost at a disadvantage.

Which is better? The Apple iPhone, the HTC Touch or the Nokia Nseries (which one)?
4. Digital Camera
Since I don’t have a decent camera phone, it would have helped if I had a digital camera but I don’t have that either.

Sony Cyebershot okay? Or a Canon? Or something else?
Furthermore, I really really need one by July. Why? Because there was an internal memo made out the past week. It read:

Subject: Staff outing Trip to Kota Kinabalu

Please be informed that there will be an outing trip to Kota Kinabalu, departing on 18 July 2009 and back on 20 July 2009. The Firm will bear the airfare and local organized tours. All staffs are encouraged to join. Please submit a copy of your passport to XX by 1 May 2009 for ticket and accomodation reservation.

Super sweet!!! 😀
Surprisingly, there are actually those who even THINK of NOT going. Why they would want to waste an expenses-paid trip I would never understand!
So yeah, basically, those are the items on my wishlist. It’s not too early to make one right? (My birthday is on 12 May) 😉

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I love lively and random conversations and the previous week had a couple of those!

Conversation 1

On Tuesday we had a “meeting” but it was actually a surprise birthday party for 2 of the guys but since Birthday Boy #1 could only come half-an-hour later, we had a “fake meeting” so that the Birthday Boy #2 didn’t suspect anything. So, after Birthday Boy #1 arrived our Chairlady excused herself to go to the “ladies room” (she was actually getting the cake) but when she got back, there was no cake.
“The Kitchen is locked!” she exclaimed.
It was past 9.30pm.
We didn’t let go without trying though – and that included attempts to get the key, and even breaking into the Kitchen! But all to no avail. The party was down the drain but I’d like to think that we were able to salvage the “surprise” bit.
Chairlady to the Birthday Boys: (upset) There’s no point already so we’ll just tell you. There is NO meeting tonight. We actually got cake for you both. ICECREAM cake. Its in the fridge in the Kitchen and the Kitchen is LOCKED!
*A few seconds to sink in*

Birthday Boy #1: Owh…
Birthday Boy #2: So there’s actually no meeting?
Me: The meeting was fake, but the items discussed in the meeting are real.
Both Birthday Boys: What kind of screwed-up Matrix is that?! Give me the blue pills!
*A few moments later*
Birthday Boy #2 to the Chairlady: So you didn’t have to go to the toilet?
Birthday Boy #1 to Brithday Boy #2: Man, you’re slow.
We eventually had the cake…the following night. 😉
Conversation 2
And then on Thursday, I went out for dinner with 2 others and since they didn’t bring their money, I was to pay first but I didn’t have cash so I had to go to the ATM while they went to the chicken rice shop. On my way to the ATM, it crossed my mind: What if I was not able to withdraw?
Upon joining them at the chicken rice shop (they had already ordered the food), I broke the news.
Me: Actually, I wasn’t able to withdraw just now.
#1: Huh?! Why?
Me: Dunno. The machine cannot use.
#2: Oh no…
Me: So you guys got money?
#1: Got, but in the car.
#2: Thank God!
Me: Actually, I was just kidding.
#1: Screw you! It’s not even April’s Fool.
Me: Hey, its still April maa…*evil* 🙂
#2: I actually planned to ditch everything and go get my purse at home.
It was nice to know that should I really have been unable to withdraw, we still had other options. LOL!!!