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AirAsia, care to explain yourself?

So I was looking at flight tickets the past few days on AirAsia and I stumbled unto something that completely took me off guard.

If I was drinking something, I’d probably have spurted it all out in my disbelief.

Or choked on it in my horror.

You might want to swallow that drink first before reading on.


Are you ready?


It was THIS:

Click on image to enlarge

A DOMESTIC flight ticket from BINTULU to KUALA LUMPUR cost THIS MUCH???!!!

It’s only a 2 HOURS flight!

The usual price for the Bintulu to Kuala Lumpur route is a few hundred ringgit.

Is there something special about this particular flight that it cost that freaking much??!!

And it’s WITHIN THE COUNTRY, MALAYSIA – or did someone forget their History and Geography lesson when fixing the ticket price?!

Well, here’s a Geography and Mathematics lesson for you.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Australia. (I would love to go to Australia in the near future.) I’m just using it as an example to state my point.

Click on image to enlarge

Bintulu is in indicated by the green arrow.

Kuala Lumpur is indicated by the red arrow.

Both are in Malaysia.

Now, Gold Coast is indicated by the yellow star. And Gold Coast is in Australia.

So, tell me kids, by looking at the map, which distance is further if one was to fly?

From Bintulu, Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Or, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Gold Coast, Australia?

No brainer right?

Of course, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Gold Coast, Australia is further!

While Bintulu to Kuala Lumpur is a 2 hours’ flight, according to AirAsia’s flight schedule below, Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast takes 8hours:

Click on image to enlarge

So WHY on earth is Bintulu to Kuala Lumpur flight as expensive (and even more so!) than if one were to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast??!!

To make myself clear, this is not an argument of “we can always use another airline if it’s too expensive” but it’s a matter of being charged REASONABLY by airlines for the routes that they provide. Especially in the case of us in Borneo (the island where Bintulu is on, just fyi), my fellow Sarawakians and Sabahans, who have limited options to fly anywhere if we do not first fly to Kuala Lumpur.

And so, by what logic is such a price like this justifiable?

AirAsia, care to explain yourself?

Note: Ticket price correct as at time of writing.

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Sada Borneo (AGT19) brings Malaysia into the Semis!

Sada Borneo‘s performance at the Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) Judges Audition earned them 4 YESes from all 4 judges –
Sada Borneo @ Judges Audition (AGT)
And now, Sada Borneo made it into the Semi-Finals – the only act from Malaysia shortlisted along with 23 other acts from other countries out of the thousands that auditioned!
Woohoo!!! Malaysia and Borneo represent!
Will they make it to the Finals and be that much closer to being the winners??? YOU can make it happen!
VOTE FOR THEM right after that Semi-Finals episode airs on 30th April 2015. (Voting ends on 4th May 2015.)

There are 3 ways to vote for Sada Borneo (visit for full instructions)
Method 1 – via SMS (unlimited)
SMS “AGT19” and send it to your country’s designated short code (For Malaysia it’s 33200)
SMS charges apply.
Method 2 – via Facebook (one vote per user per episode)
Just go to this link and vote:
On computer:
On mobile:
Voting on Facebook is free for one vote per user per episode.
IMPORTANT: Each user is entitled to one vote per episode (so VOTE WISELY!)
Method 3 – via the official Asia’s Got Talent app (unlimited)
Just download the app (available on the App Store and Google Play) and start voting.
You can purchase 1, 3, 25 or 100 votes at a click of a button. (WOW!) Read the Terms&Conditions for more information on purchasing votes and voting.
IMPORTANT: You can vote as many times as you want via SMS and the Asia’s Got Talent app but the producers reserve the right (at their sole discretion) to exclude any votes which they feel have been placed to unfairly manipulate the results.
Check out the Voting FAQ section if you have any other doubts:

We already know Gao Lin & Liu Xin (China), Triqstar (Japan), Gwyneth Dorado (Philippines) & Junior New System (Philippines) have been shortlisted to be part of the Final 9 Acts competing for the coveted title of being the first Asia’s Got Talent winner.
So come on Malaysia (and Borneo!) vote SADA BORNEO to represent us in the FINALS!

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Borneo 2.0 hits Brunei!

I was ecstatic when I got an email from Sarawak Bloggers that Borneo 2.0: Startup and Social Media Un-conference will be happening this coming 21st October 2011 – in Brunei!

Being a Sarawak Bloggers member, I had been hoping and waiting for a blogger’s event to happen somewhere geographically possible for me to physically attend and FINALLY I CAN since I’m already right here! 😀

Even more ecstatic when I heard it will be hosted by @ranoadidas, @bruneitweet and @emmagoodegg and organized by Asia Inc Forum in partnership with TelBru.

And as a Sarawak Bloggers member, I get to join the event for FREE!!

With all the above factors combined, how could I pass up such an opportunity?!

So yes people, see you guys there!!! 😀

P.S. Dear Organizers, if you need any help, there’s an extra pair of hands here. 🙂