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An Extra 5-in-1 Read

Gosh I haven’t posted something meaningful in a while…*racks brain*
So let’s just skip the pleasantries and the reasons-why-I haven’t-posted-and-I’m-sorry thingy and get the ball rolling shall we?
One, the issue about a certain student singing a certain song – I donwannatalk about it. It was, IMHO, something not-so-wise that he did, the more he tries to defend himself the deeper he’s digging his own grave (figuratively speaking okay!) and now I just want this whole thing to blow over without a dark piece of our history repeating itself – which is frankly my main concern right now. *let us pray*
Two, it’s exactly two weeks to Merdeka! hey hey! And then it’s September – which will mean I will be in my 6mths as a modern slave! -zewt’s fav word. And after my 6mth’s mark I MIGHT, JUST might…make a step to attempt to climb the bad-ass corporate ladder. Did I type ass? Yes I did. So…*let us pray*

Three, also related to my career…should I stay longer in the corporate world or try for the public sector? I mean, I just started working…and I have this idea of job-hopping around and getting a taste of different2 lines of work (have a go at the big4 perhaps, maybe try doing tax instead of audit, and maybe trying banking, etc etc etc)…If I get in (to public service) now, I’d be stuck doing the same job forever! That’s bound to be boring! But then the perks – You know, I know lah. If I wait, I might lose the opportunity! What do you guys think? Private or Public? Hmmm…

Four, I am, I guess, on a spiritual quest to find my creator. Sounds so punk-rock-music-ey eh? Hehehe…Anyways, I have always been active in my circle of bro and sis-in-christ since my Uni days so being here away from them, I feel something’s missing…Contrary to popular belief, just going to church on Sundays (or Saturday evening) ain’t enough. Not for me. Thus, the search is on. In fact, I am on my way to being apart of the Empowered Ministry at church. I clarify, I am NOT holy, that’s why I need HIM…and it’s not about being rajin or not. It’s just something I need to do.
Five, I mentioned it before that I was gonna take up language…and I still haven’t. I want to – just haven’t found the chance to yet. Maybe I’ll just make it my resolution for next year? Procastinate much?LOL.
So yea, I’m done for now. Hope these updates are sufficient to make up for my long in-between posts. 🙂
P/S – If you’re in UMS, *nudge*Amoi*nudge*Nono…please order your convocation flowers here.