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Day 2 RMO: 19 March – Solemnity of St Joseph

Today is Day 2 of the Restricted Movement Order (RMO), and 2nd day of my Working From Home (WFH) experience. You can read more on that in the previous post.

Onto less depressing news, today is the Solemnity of St Joseph. Being the responsible citizens/humans of the world, the Church had already cancelled all masses on Monday, even before the RMO came into effect yesterday. All Masses and church services (like Stations of the Cross) were now available via online streaming so that parishioners can still pray together, even when they are confined to staying at home.

That said, tonight was the first time I actually joined the online streaming of Mass. Twice.

My Mass set-up during this RMO period

One was the Archdiocese of Kuching‘s live streaming for the Solemnity of St Joseph:

Photo taken by my brother who was streaming it in Kuching

The other was when I accidentally streamed the Mass celebrated by Bishop Cornelius Sim, Vicariate of Brunei, while I was looking for the video link for the live universal rosary prayer that was scheduled at 9pm. Although I streamed the Mass about an hour after it took place, it felt very much live to me… and it was just overwhelming.

Watch LIVE streaming of Masses in the Vicariate of Brunei here:

Why was it overwhelming? Because it really dawned on me that “I cannot at this moment receive You [Christ] sacramentally”

Prayer while watching the Mass online; at the point of Holy Communion

I have said this prayer before, but it was never in the context that I could NOT receive Holy Communion; I could still go to Mass whenever I wanted. But not any more for now…and not for the next 2 weeks at least. And that reality overwhelmed me.

At the same time, I am super thankful that in spite of the challenges that COVID-19 and the RMO presents, we are at a time where live streaming of Mass was possible. If this had happen years ago, when not many people had internet even, it would have been much more difficult. Thank God for technology!

On that note, here’s the links where you can catch the online streaming of Mass and services in different dioceses. (If your diocese’s link is not listed, do include it in the comments yeah.)

Mass schedules via live-streaming on Facebook during suspension of Masses

Sunday Mass
Time: 7.30am (English)
Time: 8.30am (Mandarin)
Time: 9.30am (Bahasa Malaysia)


Daily Mass
Time: 7.00am (English)

Sunday Mass
Time: 8.00am (English)

Stations of the Cross (Friday)
Time: 3pm (Mandarin)
Time: 4.00pm (English)
Time: 5.00pm (Bahasa Malaysia)