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Yea…I owe some people so here goes…

Mandy‘s tag:
~~Begin Copy~~
This is the easy way and the fastest way to :
1. Make your Authority Technorati explode
2. Increase your Google Page Rank.
3. Get more traffic to your blog.
4. Make more new friends.
Rules :
1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog.
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3. Tag your friends as much as you can.
Picturing of Life
Juliana’s Site
Shower Your Children With Love – The Right Way
Life’s a journey, not a destination
Simple Life
Life is beautiful; Life is love
Lovely Mummy
Newife Blog
Good things in life…
…the Guru-Guru life…
Unpretentious Me
Perfect Imperfections

~~ End Copy ~~
Melbie‘s tag:
The outcome was quite surprising i.e. not what I expected…I bolded my thoughts! Hehehe…

Your Heart Is Pink

In relationships, you like to play innocent – even though you aren’t. I AM INNOCENT!!!

Each time you fall in love, it’s like falling for the first time. SO TRUE…


Your flirting style: Coy Really? Well, maybe…Haha…
Your lucky first date: Picnic in the park I need to go to more parks then…
Your dream lover: Is both caring and dominant That WOULD be cool…

What you bring to relationships: Romance Indeed… 🙂


You Are Bare Feet

You are a true free spirit, and you can’t be tied down. Maybe…

Even wearing shoes can be a little too constraining for you at times! TRUE!!!


You are very comfortable in your own skin. I am?
You are one of the most real people around. You don’t have anything to hide. ehehe…I don’t? But yes, I am REAL. 😀
Open and accepting, you are willing to discuss or entertain almost any topic. as long as you don’t shove your opinions down my throat…

You are a very tolerant person. You are accepting and not judgmental. I try my best…
You should live: Somewhere warm Been there, Still there.
You should work: At your own business, where you can set the rules When will that day come???

I pass the tags above to:

  • AmoiDewa  
  • Cdason
  • Charyelle
  • Clement
  • Damyanti
  • Drumsticks
  • Elvinado
  • Lola  
  • Nono
  • Rory
  • Suituapui
  • Zewt
  •  Now, Clement‘s tag:

    how would you characterized yourself in a dating site?

    Single. Available.
    P.S. I didn’t name this post “Who Am I” – that’s the song I posted in my previous post. 😉
    Nah, no more hutang liao…*phew*
    Please, try no to tag me ya? 😀

    12 thoughts on “Tags

    1. Ooi…go angels kena tag, go archie kena tag…come to mar oso tag!!! Apa ini tag, tag, tag…!!! Have to tell me what to do lah!!! Must copy all the questions…then go and type in my blog and answer…and then post??? See!!!! This old man!!! No need to tag lah! Memang bodoh one! Dunno wat to do! Taglah yang young-young hensem-hensem one!!! Not hensem…short-short, bulu-bulu oso ok! LOL!!!

    2. wah… pass to so many ppl… hmmm… another tag…

    3. STP,
      What to do? I kena tag so had to pass it somewhere…haha!!!
      For Mandy’s tag above you just copy from “Begin Copy” to “End Copy” then paste in your post…add your own blog name and link under mine “Perfect Imperfections” and you’re done…
      For Melbie’s tag, you’re gonna have to do that online quiz first lah (click on “What Colour Heart Do You Have?” and “What Kind Of Shoe Are You?”) After you do the quiz, you just copy the coding for your result and paste it in your post…
      Short-short bulu-bulu??? Eeww…sounds so…wakakaka!!! Btw,why short-short bulu-bulu? He really short-short and bulu-bulu meh? What you know that I don’t know? 😉
      Yup, another tag…especially cos you long time don’t come visit my blog!!! So if you don’t want to kena tag, come la more often!!! Wah…main ugut…wakakaka…

    4. Zzzzzzzzzzzz………!!!!! This is typical of student bodoh in the class!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    5. Is this the point where the teacher throws the duster then? *aims* wakakaka…

    6. Ouch! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    7. hehe mar, I’ve been here bah.. but now I’m making sure you know that I’ve been here …
      try not to tag you ah, mar???? Then if everyone will do the same thing, this tagging games will cease to exist lah?? haha …
      “even though you’re not innnocent”… <– Har har har!
      bare feet huh??? Wah.. can save a lot lah you, walk everywhere bare feet… but … You got boots, right? 😉 😉 As for your own business… start ASAP! LOL …

    8. STP,
      Aiks? Baru aim already “Ouch!”? 😉
      Oh ya kah? Tu la…silent reader how should I know?! Hehe…
      Not everyone don’t want to be tagged…just some people like me…kekeke…
      Again, I insist – I AM INNOCENT! 😉
      Yea, I love being bare feet…but I like wearing footwear too lah…tengok keadaan…hehehe…my own business?…really can’t see that happening anytime soon…LOL!

    9. Tanx Mar for doing the tag…I know I know…no more tags after this…lol…

    10. You’re welcome!!! 😀

    11. silent reader …. but I’m always logged to mybloglog bah… you don’t see me there meh? but then again, other people are too.. so yeah.. maybe terkebelakangan suda kan??? LOL
      I don’t like to be tagged to… that’s why I go to selective mode sometimes hehe ..

    12. …what’s mybloglog? 😉 dui…clueless…LOL!!!

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