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From today onwards, the History books will read:
“On 10th October, 2007…Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor became the first Malaysian to go to space…”
Not a big step for humanity (since space expeditions have been around since how-long-I-don’t-know-but-it’s-nothing-new) but it is one giant leap for Malaysia…
But if you’reΒ Malaysian, you gotta admit – it’s freakin awesome!!!
I mean, surely, everyone’s dreamt of going to space right? Well, maybe except some unimaginative few (no offense)…but hey, guess one man’s dream has been fulfilled.
One lucky man.
Good-looking too. Haha…
Β 1st Malaysian in space
Guess I can forget about trying for that title…LOL.

26 thoughts on “Ten-Ten-0-Seven

  1. hmmm, heard that there’s one big shots from sarawak who work in nasa sometimes back, he should be the first to go to space… but he changed his nationality.. and he’s a chinese.. technically, who’s the first malaysian?

  2. Really? Never heard about that…well,technically if he ever went to space and at that time he changed his nationality already then he’s not the first malaysian lah..cos change nationality dy maa..nothing to do wit race..really got meh ex-malaysian who worked with NASA? Do share aft u made d necessary research…LOL. πŸ™‚

  3. i dont feel awesome though.

  4. That’s cuz its not us in the space suit. πŸ™‚ long time x comment frm u…hello again! LOL.

  5. again .. what’s the big fuss all about?

  6. oooooooooooooooooooooh……he’s sooooooooooo good looking.
    i think his grandparents are arabians (or half arabs!) since his family and he himself carries the name sheikh…
    most importantly, most of Malaysian girls (and pondans?) are crazy ’bout him including ME…awww!

  7. Cibol,its just awesome. πŸ™‚
    Lola,hahahahaha..i said he’s goodlooking bt im x ‘crazy abt hm’ lah..secretly,x a surprise girls r crazy abt hm n guys envy hm..dahla he get to go to space,he oso get d world’s attn (read:girls) LOL.
    Btw,got d ‘goods’ frm fabriel dy. πŸ™‚ apa plan raya??

  8. nothing awesome, just a space tourist.. our gov. spend hell a load of money to put an ‘astronaut’ up there. astronaut my ass.. yeah.. an achievement yeah… just like other kayaking, climbing, kuih baking feats by malaysian. hmmpfffttt!! well, he should be proud because he is the most good looking man in space so far.. the only quality that sets him apart from others..and… he gets to perform feats that other before him never do!! like playing gasing.. muahahaha!

  9. oh ya i’m not against the fella.. more like i tak puas hati with malaysian gov. for having this inferior complex that malaysians must do something out of the ordinary, some cool feats to show that malaysia boleh. wtf with the mentality. put the money into education, to educate and have a real astronaut, not to pay for the ticket to space and call it a feat, an achievement. What achievement is that? It’s just like I pay ticket to fly back to Sarawak what.. just the price to go to space is much higher, and the person must well trained for it. And from 22 million Malaysians, we can send as many qualified people if we have the money to pay for it..

  10. Bong,I agree that its not as great as if he were really an astronaut…maybe one day,that could happen…as for the gov spending the $$ for a space tourist…well,biasalah that. πŸ™‚ Yea,space is not a destination far far away…we just need lots and lots of moolah to get there…lucky for him that he’s sponsored by the country,by us…heh.

  11. not the point, if ur spending ur own money like the russian guy, I dun think anybody would mind about it but this is gomen’s money which is supposed to be for the people. I mean come on, this is freaking ridiculous .. what’s the point of being proud of it?

  12. It’s one Malaysian to represent all Malaysians…that’s why they justify using the gov $$…indirectly,it is for the ppl juga maa…

  13. now i see… why we still have the stupid government ruling and spending shits… hmm.. for the people? as i said there are far more benefits if you put the money in other areas for the people rather than this angkasashit thing. Education, public transportation, health care bla bla need i mention more? Cannot justify… sorry.. they justify? so what about you? feeling awesome still? πŸ™‚ brace for future oil price increase, toll increase, cooking oil increase, i feel so awesome oh yeah!!

  14. forgot to mention, i will really feel awesome if we are able to produce our own car engine. that’s a start to bigger exploration and honestly i will be damn proud when the day come… now really not feeling awesome. going to space but cannot produce own car engine just yet…that’s really farked up.

  15. Oh ya,one thing…its x that they spend all d $$ just to send him to space bah…its like a “buy 18 jets and FREE train 2 “astronauts” and send 1 to space” deal…so its x just spend for nothing…i say awesome cos don’t u wish it could be you that’s in space??? but i agree lah,his experiments kinda…dunno how to say…but what to expect? He’s not really an astronaut maa…

  16. what FREE??? No such thing as FREE ok? They made you believe, they cooked it to make it sounds like it is FREE. Apart from the fighter jets purchase we need to top up another RM90 million lah… heh… talking numbers? yeah i know about the RM3.4 billion purchase of 18 Russian-made Sukhoi jet fighters. So official figure given by Malaysian government is RM90 million used for the programme, which also reported in CNN, BBC, FOX..
    ” The $25 million agreement for a Malaysian astronaut to fly to space was negotiated in 2003 along with a $900 million deal for Malaysia to buy 18 Russian fighter jets”
    So, YES they spent extra money just to spend him to space. RM90 million. And current price tag to go to space is about $20 million to $30 million. You have the money, go lah πŸ™‚

  17. From Zainul Arrifin’c column: []
    “A nation will be terribly boring and unambitious if it were to be just run by pragmatists and naysayers. There must be the dreamers and visionaries, too, but they should not extend beyond the ostentatious and self-indulgence.”
    “Civilisation is often defined by the dreamers, while those who do not, only gripe about what they have become. What is the point of ridiculing, sniping and the outpouring negativism if not to collectively bring each of us down and kill any dreams among us?”
    “Space has been a confounding beyond, never to be tamed, but the playground of super powers. Now we have an opportunity to be in the sand pit, and we should grab the opportunity and make the best of it.”

  18. one more thing, “untuk dapatkan sesuatu, kita perlukan korbankan sesuatu”.. You guys may think that this angkasawan program is just a waste of money but personally (to me), it is more to hope, success, pride and our reputation. why dont we just ignore all the politic’s behind this program and take a look on the positive side of it.
    “kalau bukan kita siapa?
    kalau tidak sekarang bila?”
    anyways, just say anything that you wanna say. the thing is he’s already there. πŸ™‚
    oh, forgot to mention i took the zainul’s word from someone’s blog; Lubna.

  19. we already berkorban banyak d.. we should berkorban at the right place. if the pengorbanan is worth is sure why not πŸ™‚
    “There must be the dreamers and visionaries, too, but they should not extend beyond the ostentatious and self-indulgence.”
    Our nation is close to become ostentatious and self-indulgence if you ask me. Mengapa mesti kita bila kita memang masih tidak mampu? Ukur kain di badan sendiri. Tidak sekarang mungkin nanti, bila kita faham pembelajaran itu adalah mengikuti langkah langkah yang teratur. Mula dengan merangkak, menapak, berjalan, berlari.. Not just terbang..
    Anyway, he’s already there. I hope this blog still around for the next 10 years, see what we will achieve from this space programme. Yes, i’m a realist, a pragmatic dreamer. Not Mat Jenin πŸ™‚

  20. Thanks bongkersz! Your point makes sense!
    Once again, personally, this “blast off” is something that can be proud of, at least to me. I was overwhelmed and beamed by pride and excitements at 9.23pm on the last 10th October 2007. All I can say is, Dr, Sheikh voyage to the outer space is the work towards realisation and recognition that Malaysian’s hunger so much!
    I have a short story for all of us to ponder here:
    A little bird, before it could fly, thinks the world is just its nest. It thinks its place is the best. After it can stretch its wings and fly through the horizon, the bird ponders “Indeed the world is so big. My nest is nothing compared to the whole world”.
    Moral of the story, you’ll never know the truth, your abilities and capabilities until you open your eyes and fly.

  21. yeah, good story, the bird fly after it can stretch its wings.. imagine if the bird try to fly when its wings still not fully developed heh? you will never know the truth, your abilities as long as people HELP you to fly. You will know your own abilities, the REAL TRUTH when you do it yourself.

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  23. Sokong bongkersz!
    Hi there. Nono has linked this URL to my blog page. Bout all same argument!
    Nice meeting you guys! Cerdik2 kamu semua.. I like IIUM’s childbrains. Keep it up!

  24. Hey there! Welcome…
    …but actually,only Nono is IIUM…the rest here aren’t. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for droppin by! Hope to see you here again.

  25. akm..selamat pulang ke malaysia…

  26. Yes, glad he’s back safely…

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