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The Cat Never Sleeps…

Continuing where I left of from the previous post

Thursday night was the final night I was in Kuching so went to meet up with none other than Sarawak Bloggers’ Cyril for dinner at Aroma Cafe. I think the last I saw him was 2 or 3 years ago – and who can resist a yummy Bidayuh cuisine! 😉 (I meant Aroma Cafe by the way, not him, although he is Bidayuh…LOL!)

Anyways, it was good that I was able to meet up with him on this trip.


‘Cos I was able to meet his friends as well!

See those 3 guys in between Cyril & Rodz? Well, Cyril apparently was joining this Contest organized by Era FM at that time and he brought them EVERYWHERE! =D

(L-R) Iza, Cyril & friends, Myself & Meilin

The Contest has closed since so Cyril, please do update if you win! 😉 Even if you didn’t, was honoured to have been “part of” it indirectly…hehehe…and I was just teasing about the yummy Bidayuh thing okay. =p

After dinner, the girls and I met up with another friend, Mel for karaoke session @ Kbox, The Spring (since we didn’t end up going the night before as we just hung around at the Waterfront with my Empowered family instead – which was equally fun. =D)

Apart from family, friends & food…another thing I miss about Kuching has got to be the fact that the Cat never sleeps! There’s always something (that doesn’t involve vices!) to do if you’re out in town, even if it’s till late night or early morning. This time, I stayed out till 1am the next morning…

Farewell Kuching…until next time, stay awesome! =D

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