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The Walk To Remember

Six weeks ago
I fractured The Bone of The Right Foot.

I was confined to wearing The Semi-Cast.

And The Crutches.

Five weeks ago
The Semi-Cast didn’t help any.
It was upgraded to The Full Cast.

Last Wednesday…
I went to The Specialist Clinic at The General Hospital for The Follow-Up.
Had The Right Foot x-rayed again.
The Bone was not fully connected yet, but it has returned to the correct “lane”.
So The Doc said I didn’t need The Full Cast anymore.
“I don’t? For real? So I can walk now?”-The Excited Me
“Yes. Just walk with The Heels and gradually The Right Foot. The Bone is already in the correct “lane” so it should heal by itself. It will fully heal in another 6 weeks.”
“So I can walk?” – still in happy disbelief.
“Can I drive?”
“Can I run?”
“No. Not yet. Even after 6 weeks, The Bone would “just” had recovered so maybe you have to wait a little longer before you can start running. So no running and jumping.”
So much for futsal then…
“Can I wear high heels?”
There goes the stilletos…
After I was clear on what I could and could not do, The Doc gave me some DIY exercises to get The Right Foot mobile again…
Hell yea, here begins The Painful Walk To Recovery:
The Right Foot has been “static” for 6 weeks, so I had to re-learn the “art of walking”.
The Skin on The Right Foot, I feel, is DEAD because it hadn’t “breathed” for the past six weeks…so moving The Right Foot feels like all the tight, dead and dry skin were going to be torn off the flesh…
And did I mention that The Right Foot is swollen???
Swollen!!! Why is that??? (Seriously, can anyone please shed some light on this whole after-cast effect?)
So yea…The Walk is not an easy one.
But I am determined.
At least now I don’t have The Full Cast and The Crutches to deal with.
And I miss The Right Foot
It feels good to be “whole” again…

Although The Right Foot looks horrid
My poor poor foot…
P/S – To “celebrate” my being “whole” again, I gave this blog a facelift – and it’s not “just” the background either. (Hover around and you might notice something…) So, how do you like The Blog??? ;p

7 thoughts on “The Walk To Remember

  1. still looks a bit swollen though…
    now is the time to do all the recuperation…

  2. Yup,still very much swollen. People look at me funny cos I walk with a limp. Bah! Screw them. ;p
    So how do you find the new layout and all??
    No comments on that?
    If no comment,I assume its good so I’ll not tinkle wit it and leave it as it is…:)

  3. too many words.. the about me can put somewhere else? prefer to have access to the sidebar at short click 😀

  4. Ahh…finally some feedback…
    I’ll see what I can do about that…
    Any other comments and/or suggestions people??
    What about the name for this blog?? Suggestions??

  5. M..congrats on ur freedom..hehe..
    btw..mok padah pasal kawu pun blog tok..nya kedak crowded gilak eh..byk gilak words2..kenak simple jak owh background..kaler pun..hehe..byk pulak komen eh..kelak dtampar ku..hehe..dah lah..ya ajak..daa..

  6. like they all say, too crowded, very hard to concentrate on reading .. too much distractions because of so many text flying around and the comments are very very hard to read .. they seems to be coming out from one person .. change lay out!

  7. M,kenak ko blh pakei bahasa melayu sarawak indah?Rindu dengan Sarawak ek? Hehehe…Thanks…but still can’t run or jump around yet..hmmm…miss u la girl…
    Arch,Okay okay…don’t shoot me. =p

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