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The Winners, The Men, The Beauty & The Beasts of the 2014 World Cup


This photo was too cute to not post! 😀
10 days ago, The Team I was rooting for won The 2014 World Cup in Brazil…
…and IT FEELS AWESOME! #GermanyWorldChampions
And while I can gush on and on and on and on about them…

I won’t (much) but rather share my thoughts of The World Cup 2014 which campaign just ended.
And since Germany now has 4 Stars (World Cup Champions for the 4th time), here are 4 things I took out of/observed from the Brazil 2014:
1. The Winners
THE CUP – won by Germany of course

And Rihanna won best seat in the house at the after-party! Perks of being a celebrity eh eh eh…

THE GOLDEN BOOT for The Top Goalscorer went to James Rodriguez (Colombia) with 6 goals (with Thomas Mueller (Germany) with 5 goals getting Silver and Neymar (Brazil) with 4 goals getting Bronze). His stunning volley against Uruguay also won recognition as the Goal of the Tournament. Clap clap clap.
THE GOLDEN GLOVE for the Best Goalkeeper went to Manuel Neuer (Germany) who made 25 saves, completed 202 passes and kept three clean sheets. I call him Super Neuer and here’s why:
THE GOLDEN BALL for the Best Player went to Lionel Messi (Argentina). Wait…what?
Yeah…it was…a very unexpected…choice… for the award and I wasn’t the only one who felt so. (I find out now that many people are still questioning it to the point than even he didn’t want the award himself. A messi situation indeed.) I can’t really comment much but he himself didn’t look too happy at the point of receiving it either which was understandable since what he really wanted was The Cup. But I am happy to note that Thomas Mueller (Germany) & Arjen Robben (Netherlands) won Silver & Bronze respectively.
…which means the ultimate winner is Thomas Mueller bringing home The Cup and the Silver Boot and the Silver Ball! Sweet~

He’s got that guy-next-door doesn’t he? Cute
2. The Men – my personal favourites by roles. 😉
Players: Germany as a Team, as it should be. (Honestly, too many to mention by name). And the Netherlands too especially Robben, and Neymar (Brazil), Oscar (Brazil), Mascherano (Argentina) to name a few.
Goalkeepers: Manuel Neuer (Germany, of course), Cillessen (Netherlands), Ochoa (Mexico), Navas (Costa Rica), Cesar (Brazil) and Krul (Netherlands) for the Penalty shoot-out. Here’s a funny…Neuer and Cillessen look kinda alike, dontcha think so?

Equally good-looking too. 😉
Coach: Joachim Loew (Germany) & Van Gaal (Netherlands) both for their strategy! And for Loew, a bonus, I love his poker face!

3. The Beauty – the most memorable/unforgettable moments
The most shocking goal differences, namely:
Brazil 1 – Germany 7 in the Semifinals
Spain 1 – Netherlands 5 in the Group Stage
The most shocking early exits/poor performances of teams like Spain (previous World  Cup Champions), Italy, Portugal & England
The rise of the underdogs (Colombia & Costa Rica)
The most nerve-wrecking penalty shoot outs:
Netherlands vs Costa Rica in the Last 8 (Krul fate for Costa Rica)
Netherlands vs Argentina in the Semifinals (Krul-less Netherlands bows out)
4. The Beasts
The bad – Headbutting 0.0

Pepe (Portugal) received a red card when he headbutted Mueller (Germany).

Cameroon headbutting their own teammate. -.-
The Ugly – Biting O_O

Luis Suarez. ‘Nuf said.
And thus ends the wrap-up for my football fever and the Journey to the 2014 World Cup. It had been a wonderful journey for me personally with the team I supported bringing home the Cup! #GermanyWorldChampions
And so, for Russia 2018…#GoGermany 😀

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