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Then and Now

Last Sunday night I met up with some friends who I’ve not seen for at least a year…We were all once apart of the CSS-SA (Catholic Student’s Society – Shah Alam) family when we were all still studying back in Uni…
It was simply wonderful to see them again…
Agnes and Blacky fetched me from  home. Then we went to fetch Che. And then somehow got lost looking for the way to MJC, Batu Kawa which was simply “unexplainable” since Che and I both know the way and Blacky “claimed” he knew the way (and gave Agnes the directions which brought us around in circles. LOL.) – we had fits of laughter in the car bewildered how we could’ve lost our way. Hahaha… 😀
Finally arriving at MJC, we proceeded to go around in circles (knowing but forgetting) which turn, which corner, which lane to use to get to the Siang Siang foodcourt there. (^_^)”” A few wrong turns and going the other way on a one-way lane, we reached Siang Siang – in one piece. 🙂 After getting a table and ordering drinks we proceeded to wait for the others…
A few minutes later, we spotted Kado and Ivan making their way towards us…and the first thing I noticed was – Ivan’s long hair! Well, not that long lah…but a lot longer than I last saw him. Haha…

So here was what has happened since a year ago:-
1. Agnes had been working in Bintulu but has resigned and is now working in a government department in Kuching. She’s renting with some friends somewhere near her office. She now has a car.
2. Blacky is in his final year at Uni. I actually thought he’d finish since he was in Kuching when the new semester has started…but apparently, he was going to register late. He was leaving the next day (which was why he ended up treating. Hahaha….)
3. Che was my roomie when we were renting in Shah Alam. She’s like our favourite sister and mummy rolled in one. Haha… 🙂 She used to work in one of the big hypermarkets in Shah Alam but now is back working in our motherland, and not in the supermarket business either.
4. Kado was president of CSS-SA at one time. Now he’s a QS (quantity surveyor) with one of the many industrial companies in Demak Laut. Other than that, he’s still the sweet guy we all love. Too bad his steady gf Mel couldn’t join us as she recently left for Sibu as she was posted as a teacher there…
5. Ivan is now pursuing a creative degree (in music if I’m not mistaken) at one of the private institutions in Kuching. He had always been a gifted musician (guitar/bass) and he now has his own band (Ivan: Kind of.). And of course, he’s never far from his Marlboro. 😀
So we reminisensed about the good old days and basically took off where we left. It felt like we were never away…but a major point to note would be our conversation…
Last time, the common question was: “Do you have class tomorrow?”, now it’s “Are you working tomorrow?”. It was: “What time is your class? Can’t you skip it?”, now it’s “What time do you start work? What time must you be in the office?”
Yup, those were DEFINITELY the good old days…

11 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. me taking music? haha. guess u got the wrong info.though it does sound flattering.thanx. hahaha

  2. that’s when you realized “Damn I’m freaking old oredi!”

  3. Mar,
    i know this is an out of topic comment for you but ….
    i am back to blogging!
    wink wink!

  4. “Lestat”,
    Haha…then care to share what you’re taking so I can update this post with the right info? 😀 So bila next reunion??
    Yeah…tell me about it. Pretty soon the questions will be “So how’s the wife/husband and kids?”…
    Haha, finally bayar sewa huh? Hahaha…ok, will drop by later.

  5. No, – “Bila mo kawen” that one comes first. mana boleh tanya pasal anak kalu belum kawen

  6. Haha…True…but we actually asked that question already lah…but main2 only. None of us were in that stage yet. LOL.

  7. CNY – i got one whole week off. so care for another reunion (pleaseeeeeee…..) hahahaha!!!

  8. Mel dear,THAT WOULD BE COOL!!!
    (But I may need to borrow Kado to fetch me for the reunion since he’s “passing through” my place anyways…and he knows where I live. Hehe…Can or not? :D)
    Keep me posted on the who, what, where and when yea!!!
    P.S. Thanks for dropping by!!! 😀

  9. cis… benci… hey u plan lah.. i’m here odi.. so is kbin.. loyd annual camp di shah alam….

  10. Mel, too bad we couldn’t meet up…d ba kch, ku pg sibu…d pulai sibu, ku pulai kch… 🙂 Lain kali then…Hope u had a great hol in Kch…

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