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After all the things we’ve been through together-my first job, my decision to change job instead of going back to school, my moving back to where I grew up, the initial stages of my new job then and as I’m wondering how long I’ll still be at that second job (my current job now)-WE are still here!!!
We made it to the 3rd year!!!
Over the years, you have been with me without fail. You have always been there when I am excited and could not stop talking. You are there when I’m upset and needed to vent. Even when I’m just too busy for you, you faithfully waited for me to return…not to mention all the friends I’ve made because of you…they are your voice in response to all I that share…
I truly cherish the past 2 years..from Kuching to Brunei..from daily updates to less than a post a month show me where I’ve been and where I’m going..and so, my gift to US..I will try my best to update you more regularly now..a post every week..make that my resolution this month.
(and thank you to our dear readers for continuing to support us)

3 thoughts on “Three

  1. Hey Mar,
    Congratulations!! Happy belated birthday to Perfect Imperfection!
    Btw, Blessed Easter to you as well.
    I’m doing fine here..Thanks! how about you?

    1. Hey Mary!
      Not too bad here either…haha…
      Glad to be back “here” for sure! 😀

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