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'Tis the season…

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of the 40-days season of Lent, the season of repentance.

During Lent, one is to abstain from meat on Wednesdays and Fridays and to generally observe a mood of sacrifice and repentance during that period up until Good Friday, Holy Saturday/Easter Eve and Easter Sunday
That’s normally the way it’s done, but yesterday I thought to myself that I would do something different this Lent, something extra. Lately, I feel I’ve been eating a lot of meat so I thought I would try and abstain from meat for the whole of Lent – all 40 days…
Today is just Day 1 (or is it 2 counting yesterday?) and I have already failed. Ate half a sausage after I got back from work just now. Isk. =_=”
But I shall try and persevere…despite the earlier setback. πŸ™‚
So, how are you observing Lent this year? Thinking of doing something extra (extra meaning it’s on top of not eating meat on Wednesdays and Fridays)?
Here are some (not-so-common) ideas:
If your phonebills and topups are like RM100++ every month and your handphone buttons are worn due to your speedytextfingers or you risk contracting cancer due to your ears constantly sticking to the handphones over endless hours of “talktime“, maybe less SMS-ing perhaps? Or less making/answering calls, unless deeply necessary.
Or, if you can log on to the internet and go surfing, browing, chatting, MSN-ing, Friendster, Facebook, anyothersocianetwork-ing and realised you haven’t eaten, bathed or slept only when the alarm goes off for you to start a new day,then maybe less time surfing?
Or, if you’re not the kind or person to have a nice word for anyone and all you do is frown and curse, maybe cutting down on the curses and simply smiling is all you need…
Personalise your Lenten approach this year…only YOU know who you are and only YOU know the best way for you to experience God’s love. Whatever it is you do, just remember the reason for doing it as that’s what’s important. Plus, putting an effort to actually sacrifice some part of yourself, part of your normal routine, will REALLY make the coming of Easter feel like salvation, like what its meant to feel like… πŸ˜€
I was actually looking for my favourite Lenten song on youtube but couldn’t find it, but I found the lyrics. They’re very meaningful to me so I’ll share them with you. You might even know the song already.

Its titled Prodigal Son, by Eugene O’Reilly C.Ss.R

Father i have sinned,
help me find my way,
remember not my sins,
just let me hear you say…
Chorus (Father)
I forgive you,
i love you,
you are mine,
take my hand,
go in peace,
sin no more,
beloved one!
Father i have turned,
my back and walked away.
Depended on my strength,
and lived life my own way…
Chorus (Father)

Father i have closed,
my heart to those in need.
Thought only of myself,
a victim of my greed…
Chorus (Father)

Father i have loved,
if loves the word to use.
Ive played so many games,
they’ve left me so confused…
Chorus (Father)

Father i’ve returned,
im home with you to stay.
Standing by your door,
knowing that you’ll say…
Chorus (Father)
I forgive you,
i love you,
you are mine,
take my hand,
go in peace,
sin no more,
beloved one!
(FYI, Father in the song symbolises God and Son symbolises us, humans, sinners.)

So yeah, have a blessed Lent y’all…God bless.

7 thoughts on “'Tis the season…

  1. Ahhhaaa.. I totally forgot about Ash Wednesday until I say people with the cross mark on their foreheads.. and I went to church that Sunday!! Talk about bad memory….
    Hope that this fasting 40 days will bring more meaning.
    previously known as cdason
    “previously known as”? LOL! I know who you are la even if you didn’t add that last line. πŸ˜‰
    Anyways, I think they’ll be distributing ashes again on Sat or Sun rite? Usually they do, for those who missed the actual day.

  2. ayo..i went to chch on wednesday n i forgot what i must do on friday which is ‘no meat’…serba salah aih…
    la la la la la…not going to judge. LOL! But maybe u can “ganti puasa” on another day… πŸ˜‰
    Btw, welcome back. Lama u menghilang?

  3. went last saturday.. no such thing. Guess in St Joe’s they dont do such service πŸ™
    Ohh…too bad…just don’t forget Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter then… πŸ˜‰

  4. hey mar, do u have prodigal son mp3 ? hehehehe…been looking for that mp3 for so looooooooooong.

    Nope, don’t have…….on youtube pun don’t have….
    Welcome back!

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