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Water you doing?

What a way to start the weekend…
I was innocently doing some rub-a-dub-brushing-and-cleaning the bathroom this morning before I took a shower.
Just rub-a-dub-scrubbing-and-brushing while my fave mp3s played in the background.
Then suddenly, the pipe under the bathroom sink broke.
I must’ve knocked it with the broom while I was brushing the walls…
Neways, the water was freakin strong! When I tried to cover the broken pipe, water gushed through the cracks between my fingers – and hit me in the face!
I was drenched and couldn’t think straight…I covered the broken pipe with a rag. It didn’t stop the water but at least it was flowing more gently now instead of “exploding” like before.
I just knew I needed to turn off the main water pipe – and fast! After calling (quite frantically) my brother (since everyone had gone out and I was home alone) to ask where the main pipe was, I went to shut it down.
Didn’t work! The water was still running!
I ran back out to the front gate drenched, just wrapped in a towel with my face dripping with water. I must’ve looked like a cat caught in a sudden downpour! A freakin heavy one!
Fortunately, none of the neighbours saw me…Hehe.
I actually turned the tap the wrong way the 1st time. Only noticed that when the water meter kept running…it was ticking away like a digital clock with the digits changing faster than the change of one second on the clock!
I swore I could hear the syillings going down the drain…$$$…
Fortunately, the water’s stopped…
And I still haven’t taken that shower.

21 thoughts on “Water you doing?

  1. wah .. very strong ah you!

  2. Strong?
    U meant cos I broke the pipe? Hahaha…
    Not a pipe la actually…more like a metal hose.
    Didn’t know how to describe it so just say “pipe” ler..hehe.

  3. Not “hose” like “hose” laa…
    I dunno hw to describe it,dats y i wrote “pipe” in the 1st place…hehe.
    Wait till next Wed la…I MMS u d “pipe/hose” pic…(MMS free on Wed =p)

  4. my henpon is very the outdated one u know. stone age punya phone where got mms one

  5. then u shud mms me more mar..

  6. Arch,antique oso ur phone…hehe.
    Bong,u want d pic of the pipe/hose too kah?

  7. i want something steamy.. eh may.. may.. you here not? can i have your no? 😛 kita boleh terus berkaban melalui hp.. haha!

  8. Steamy ah?
    Too late…wed almost over…
    Next wed lah ;p

  9. why ah bong?..u want sumthing steamy from me oso ha?..hehe..

  10. ouch.. i may consider that may 🙂 he he he

  11. can you send that to my email? .. my email is .. .. i want oso .. ha ha ha ..

  12. Sorry ah cibol…only for those yg can terima MMS…
    M,what pic u think we shld snd to bong?
    X so steamy lah…aftwd he betul2 drop dead,parai kitai…;p

  13. please please .. mercy me?

  14. M..cannot tell u here…later x surprise anymore..will tell u off the line ya..

  15. i’m waiting.. waiting.. for that mms.. heheh..

  16. Sorry Arch ;p
    Bong,if we send us MMS what we get in return leh?
    Nothing is free maa…;p
    Besides,u oso DiGi…oso free MMS on Wed…hehe

  17. girls.. always expect something in return. haih.. i’m getting to de-code all the girls behaviors now.. 😀 they are typical..

  18. LOL.
    Well,I’m getting to de-code guy’s behaviour too…Guys usually want one thing only…you know i know ler. ;p

  19. hah, blatant generalisation. We want it, but we choose with who we want it, that differs from one guy to another. And, we don’t really want with all the girls, only special chosen one bwahahahahahaha!
    p/s: if guy usually want one thing, and he gets it, so what make the girl? The thing? Keh keh keh.. Girl usually want to be the thing? 😀

  20. Blatant generalisation? Well, you started it…;p
    And that’s my point lah! Generalisation or not,guys see girls as things, as throphies etc. and not as a person…and that,as a girl,just sucks.Why always have to play the “my-girl-hotter-than-your-girl” game?Why can’t it just be “I love her”.Fullstop.
    Cos guys anggap the girl as thing lah…not the girl that want to be the thing.

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