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World Cup 2010 – Day 1

Disclaimer: I am no football/soccer fan. I only watch football during World Cup, so excuse me if I sound unprofessional. This is just my POV. 😉
EVERYBODY knows that it’s THAT time again – WORLD CUP FEVER time!!! :D
Watched the opening ceremony and opening match between South Africa (host) and Mexico yesterday night…
Since I’m only a seasonal football fan (only during World Cup time) I don’t have any team I’m favouriting or supporting. Just to get that out of the way so you don’t think my opinions are biased etc. However, that said, I usually develop a liking to teams when I see them play, and it’s not an explainable logical thing, it just happens! What do I mean?
Take the South Africa vs Mexico game last night…when the game started, I didn’t support any side. I know most of my real football fans were supporting Mexico (which is logical since they are the more “known” team with “known” players like Perez, Franco, etc) but as the game progressed I started rooting for South Africa. It’s not logical since obviously Mexico was better. I mean sure it was a boring game in the first half since neither team scored anything but Mexico’s ball possession and their passes were better than South Africa. However, I noticed I started supporting South Africa cos everytime the Mexicans approached their goal, I was praying they would miss and everytime South Africa approached Perez, I was praying they would score. Haha…for the record, I like South Africa’s goalkeeper (Uhune?) better than Mexico’s Perez…he is great at catching the ball! 😀
So you can imagine I was pleased when Shavalala(?) scored the 1st goal for South Africa at the 55min mark in the 2nd half…I was kinda dissapointed that it wasnt South Africa’s star player Pienar though. He was the star so I expected him to…shine? But in the end he was put to the bench without doing much. 🙁 Guess it could also be since he’s a star the Mexicans wouldnt even let him have the ball. Everytime he had the ball, 2 seconds later, he’d be tripped to the ground. Heh. Anyhow, Marquez(?) managed to equalise the game for Mexico at the 79th min…and the score remained 1-1 up till the very end… There was that 1 really really close goal for South Africa 5mins before the game ended but unfortunately the goalpost got in the way! 🙁 Oh well…
I didnt stay up for the 2am game between Uruguay and France though…which I discovered this morning was a goaless tie so no loss there. Hahaha. Though I would probably have rooted for France? And 3 matches today…Korea vs Greece which I didnt watch (my sources say 2-0, which is pleasant news to me so I guess I’m supporting Korea, cos we’re Asians) and the ongoing one Argentina vs Nigeria (my sources say Argentina is leading 1-0) – YES! – and later at 2am USA vs England (I think I like England?) hahaha…
Well, can’t really comment anything else since I’m not watching the matches today…cos I can’t…huhuhu…hopefully can watch the ones tomorrow! Don’t even know who’s playing tomorrow though. Anyhow, gotta go help the Chef now since he’s back from dinner and make final preps for IFF tomorrow! Gnite all!

2 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 – Day 1

  1. I was rooting for South Africa to go to the 2nd round. Well, too bad they didn’t make it.

  2. Yeah, I wanted them to go further as well since they’re the host. Hehe.

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