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What if…

1. You had to work when techinically, being a public holiday, you shouldn’t be?
Well, unless you pay your own salary, there’s nothing much one CAN do is there?!
Speaking of which,I wonder when payday is…hmmm…
2. You found out that you had an account somewhere you never knew existed?
Sounds like some plot in a movie where you have an old eccentric uncle, whom you never knew you had, who just passed away and left you tonnes of wealth? Well, strangest thing happened recently. I just found out that I have this account that was opened back in 1999! I have no recollection at all such account existed! Until now…
I wonder how much I’m worth? Haha…
*looks around* Is it safe to mention that here? *looks around again*
3. You have lots of things you’d like to post about but then when you sit in front of the PC, you blackout?
One word: Sleep. ;p
It’s almost 12, bedtime.
Another day at work tomorrow before we kick off for the weekends…
Now what crazy thing can I do THIS weekend…? Hmmm…

9 thoughts on “What if…

  1. 1) can only blame yourself for taking up the job… opps… hehe
    2) whether it is safe depends on how much is in there…
    3) sleep is good… i need some.
    p/s: where got celeb? i am still an infant blogger.

  2. zewt :he he ha .. dude,infant with like almost 60 comments per day on ur post mpressive dude .. ha ha ha
    zewt :
    1. Like, wat can u do at home? other than sleep and watch tv?
    2. Well, if you have, gimme some .. I need em
    3. go to

  3. shit .. the second one should be Mar .. ha ha ha

  4. if i pay my own salary..i wont work lah..goyang kaki jadi tauke-nio..weh M..actually the 2nd situation did happened to me few years back..wonder is it the same bank..hmmm..

  5. wah.. so good, i want that 2nd situation too! 😀

  6. Zewt,
    haha…important thing is next week got lotsa cuti…
    Labour Day…
    Wesak Day…
    I *heart* cuti =D
    I x knw hw mch in it yet,but judging frm d comments,I reckon not safe to tell even aft I knw ;p
    At home…I can OL =D
    I need it,cannot gv u ;p
    That website exists? Haha…
    So hw mch was in it? ;p
    U cuti next week?
    Hw this weekend? Haiyak…later lah msg u…lol.
    Bong and Arch,
    could happen…mana tau…

  7. ahhh…. well, those 60 comments are thanks to you all 🙂
    yeah, it’s labour day!

  8. Yeah! 2mrw oso cuti…hehehe…=)

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