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What's in a name?

This two scenarios really happened:
(Me meeting up with some bloggers IN PERSON for the first time)
Scenario 1
Blogger/Reader 1: “You had three other blogs before right?”
Me: “Yea. I think you commented on one of them before…My Practical Blog?”
Blogger/Reader 1: “Yea, Top Apple.”
Me: “No…”
Blogger/Reader 2: “No lah, it was Diary of a Practitioner.”
Scenario 2:
Me: “Hi. I’m Mar.”
Blogger/Reader 3: “Yea, you’re Super Soaker.”
From my recent meet-ups with bloggers IN PERSON, I just noticed that readers relate to the NAME of the blog more than the URL…(They also tend to relate more to the posts’ contents sometimes. But no one related to URLs…hmm…)
For those who didn’t already know, before this blog, I had 3 other blogs…
My Friendster Blog []
My Practical Blog []
My Blogspot Blog []
And with each blog I had trouble coming up with the right name…
My Friendster Blog was first called “My Whatever”…I think…and then a lot of name changes until it settled with the name which I used as the name of My Blogspot Blog at the time, that is The Top Apple – a name which finally stuck…for both blogs.
My Practical Blog began and stayed as Diary of a Practitioner since I was really clear on what I would be blogging in that blog…
But in this fourth blog of mine…I’ve yet to find the prefect name….
I’ve been switching between names for this blog since I “opened shop” last month…at the moment the name’s been changed twice…
So for the time being, I’ll just use the URL as the name…
Any suggestions guys?

23 thoughts on “What's in a name?

  1. errrrrr…i have no idea. me myself can’t think of a suitable name for my blog. I just named my blog as My Bla Bla Bla, simple! For me, the name of a blog isn’t really importante for me but my blog layout…hmm.. that’s my top priority! Heeeee Heeeeeeee.

  2. buang karan, concentrate on one enough lah..

  3. Lola,me x time n expertise to design layout lah.hehe.
    Bong,i concentrate on one blog at a time ler..nw its this one..altho d 3 mentioned above still on d

  4. He he he .. When I first started out my blog, I was feeling so bored and that time the phrase “A Life Less Ordinary” came to mind. I like it very much and it stays …

  5. […] Thu 17 May 2007 “A Life Less Ordinary” Posted by cibol under Me , Life  Triggered by – What’s in a name?  […]

  6. i have no idea why i put mine “the flaccid mind’. come guess why i did that? 😀 what’s the meaning behind? haha!

  7. i still like “life doesn’t need subtitles”

  8. as zewt as it gets,he he he .. wonder what does zewt means .. sounds like kena electric shock like that.

  9. Bong,malasla play guess2..out wit it! Lol..
    Zewt,it was ‘life doesnt come wit subtitles’ was a good title? Hmm..if liddat i may consider taking d title bck. Hehe..
    Arch,thts an edited cliche..’as good as it gets’..replace good wit zewt cuz sound similar maa..correct zewt hor?
    Wat i’d like to knw is why d nick zewt? Is it spose to mean smthng? Its cool..unique. Hehe.

  10. cibol, you remember the stupid line we used to say last time? zewtt…zewtttt! hahahahahaha! remember or not oi!! 😀 azmi and friends love to say it 😀

  11. ya remember that stupid zewt that they always say one .. not zewt the blogger la but zewt the zewt .. ha ha ha. sikit sikit “zewt”

  12. Bong, Arch, What did THAT “zewt” mean?

  13. no meaning, it’s just an expression .. can be anything “zewt!”

  14. Bahaya la if can be anything…hw to knw what they tryin to say leh?

  15. zewt evolved from my chinese name actually… cant reveal lah hahahaha….
    as for as zewt as it gets… well, i have been wanting to change it…. chnge into “zewtpinions”…. but i think too late to do that now…

  16. NO NO…don’t change…it’s unique the way it is…
    I still x knw wat to name my blog leh…no one gv suggestion oso..hw?

  17. name it as you like lah mar 🙂 what in a name lah right? 😛

  18. the content that matters .. he he he .. zewt zewt!

  19. Everything’s in the name laa…it’s the “first impression” of a blog…

  20. so what do you think of my blog name? should i change it? what name suits me? 😀

  21. u should change it to “Lanchau bejembi”

  22. terima kasih atas cadangan, saya akan pertimbangkan..

  23. ha ha ha … “puchung berkurai” also can

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