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When Brunei met Kuching

Update: Managed to upload the pics and links here. Yay! πŸ™‚ – 01.05.2010


Things have been just crazy (in a good way) since my last post..I really should have taken the opportunity to sleep in today but instead, I had been online since 8.30am! And I really should be going back this weekend but again, I’m just not doing what I should be lately..what have I been doing? What HE would want me to do instead of what I think I should..

Take last weekend for example.

On Thurs, 7 of us flew all the way from Brunei to Kuching (Bishop was already in Kuching and another arrived all the way from Philippines) just to attend a 2-day Conference..honestly, we didnt have much time to even jalan2 much less to meet up with old friends! Sorry abt that fellas, next time I go back it will be purely for balik kampung and you can have me all to yourselves then ya! :p

The Alpha Conference was awesome and although the program was pretty packed, we learned a lot (more on the conference on my other blog – soon!)..but miraculously, we managed to have quite an adventure in Kuching during our 4D3N stay.

Upon our arrival at KIA, we were wlecomed by Uncle F and Auntie R who brought us to SPC

where the Church has kindly accomodated us for the weekend.

Soon after we met up with our friend from Philippines, another Auntie (Aunt A) piled 8 of us into her Avanza and took us on a scenic route around the City with the last stop being The Spring.

My foreign friends (well, 3 of them were Sarawakians but 2 had never been to Kuching and 1 was a Kuchingnite but left Kuching years ago..) were very much excited with the sights esp the old town area (waterfront, carpenter st, india st, padungan, golden triangle, etc) and I had the opportunity to practice being a tourguide. Gave them live commentaries all the way through! πŸ˜€

They were impressed by the rich cultural influences and the historical remnants of the past like the old courthouse, the fort on the waterfront and of course the Astana and Fort Margherita at the other side. And of course, the new DUN was impressive as well. (I say new cos when I left Kch, it was still under construction)..and then when we arrived at The Spring, they were just super excited! “Now THIS is a Mall!” πŸ™‚ Sadly, we only had less than an hr to spend there so it was motsly window shopping although some managed to buy a good read at MPH, I on the other hand, managed to check out the new MBO cineplex, That’s just awesome! Unfortunately, we could not accomodate the show times in our Conference schedule..nvmd, the next time I go to Kch, 3D movie is a MUST!

Leaving the Spring, we were dropped off at SPC and just had enough time to freshen up before a group of friends from CHOICE (in 3 or was it 4 cars?) took us out to dinner – at Peach Garden! You should see how excited everyone was over the food!

We had Crispy Oyster (Oh Jian?)…

Laksa, Kolo Mee, Dian Bian Hu, Chakueh, I’ve missed and food most of them were having for the first time..wished we had more variety of food here in Brunei or at least FOOD COURTS!!! Good food and good company always make a good combination! πŸ˜€

After dinner, we all went to do the compulsory tourist MUST-DO when in Kch

-phototaking at the Cat statues! Lol. After that, went strolling at the waterfront

(thankfully not a lot of people that night since its a weeknite) and I actually some some youths basking (I never saw that before in Kch!)..and we wrapped the night up with chillaxing at Starbucks the Spring

(this was Bishop’s MUST-DO whenever he went abroad and he only managed to join us from the Cat statue onwards) until it closed at midnight..oh yes, 2 ladies from KL also joined us that night and 1 was particularly lucky cos she’s a blogger too and she managed to see the famous kch blogger in the flesh when we were at Starbucks, or maybe she was dissapointed he looked diff than in his blog. Haha..1 word for you dear: Photoshop. :p

The following day was the Conference of course so we only mananged some free time at night. That night we went to 101 for another gastronomic adventure.

This time Bishop managed to join us so he was pleased he got to have his Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee..

I ordered Manok Pansoh for them as well…

and they loved it (and it was barely half as nice as my Mom’s!) – my dear gastrpnomically-challenged friends.. :p Anyhow, we all split when it started to rain but it was getting late anyways so we just called it a nite..

The next night, after the Conference officially ended, all the Catholic delegates went to St Joseph Cathedral

(yes, it IS a Cathedral inspite the name says Church and dont ask me why. Why ah? I had to explain this to at least 2 of my friends then..) for the Sunset Mass. It was indeed wonderful to see the Mass being concelebrated by the Archibishop himself, 7 Bishops and 17 priests (maybe I have the number slightly wrong-I lost count)..

and after Mass there was a Fellowship as well. I didnt join the fellowship and I joined my brother and his family for dinner instead..thankfully I did manage to meet them especially my soon-to-be 2 yr old niece! I missed her..and she remembers me now! πŸ˜€

After a hearty dinner at Jojo Cafe, they dropped me off at 121 Stutong where the Empowered team brought the rest after the Fellowship..

It was wonderful too that after a decade++ my brother managed to meet Bishop again, with his family, after he left Brunei aft his Form 3.

Aww.. and then after dinner/supper, together with our friends from Empowered (we truly enjoyed the company guys!!), we all went to Aunt A’s house cum religious articles shop and did some late night shopping! πŸ˜€

Sadly, it was time to leave already the following morning..said goodbye to the 2 KL ladies (the only other delegates apart from us hosted by the Church-Thanks for having us Fr. S!) who were pretty much a part of our Brunei team haha! and as our flight was 10.45am so we were at the airport already by 8am+..said goodbye to our friend who was going back to Philippines and pretty soon, we were flying off as well (not without grabbing a final cuppa at the KIA Starbucks of course! :p)

Our flight was to Miri and from there, 2 cars came to bring us back to Brunei..had lunch 1st at 2020

(that popular eating place in Miri) and a very brief shopping spree (in the end we were much too tires to do anything else but sleep) before we left for Brunei..arrived in Bandar at 4pm and immediately crashed till 6, AM. On Monday morning!

Told you its been crazy..and I still haven’t fully energised from last weekend and here is yet another weekend which will be like all my other weekends most of the time – very eventful! – my colleague would often ask me, “How do you manage? You’re so energetic!” Honestly, its not me..HE strenghtens me and I shall just do my best and try to be and do what HE wants me to, which at this moment is go for Alpha training..

So yeah, till the next update (this turned out to be pretty lengthy!) take care and God bless! πŸ˜€

9 thoughts on “When Brunei met Kuching

  1. Hey Marg, interesting post about Kuching !

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading it. I updated the link to the “famous kch blogger” esp for you. πŸ™‚

      1. haha.. i just noticed the changes. KL girl meets urm ‘not-so-charming-in-reality-famous-blogger’

  2. you had an eventful weekend.. =)
    post some pictures up..
    p/s: need to get a camera myself..

    1. Eventful indeed! πŸ˜€
      And I managed to post them up! YAY!!! It’s not so much as not having the pics la…its cos I was blogging from my phone so I couldnt upload pics. Only now managed to steal someone’s PC to upload them here. LOL.

      1. hahaha.. now i see it…. ; )
        ooo ur using N97 huh?? haha

  3. Eh? How’d u knw? *thinks* I dont think ive mentioned my phone model here before..hmm..

  4. Happy belated birthday, my dear friend. may all your dreams and wishes come true, stay healthy.. and be happy always. God bless you. *hugs*
    i’m so sorry, i don’t have access to my fb πŸ™ otherwise would hv wished you earlier and i only saw frenster’s birthday alert email.
    haha, i’m your stalker! that’s how i know you got n97 ;0 hahaha i read on someone’s blog where you mentioned that you have one.. haha

  5. Thanks dear..*hugs* and dont worry abt it being belated.. πŸ™‚ Means a lot to me and God bless u too..
    As for stalker, ur always welcomed to stalk. Hahaha. And why cant u access fb? I cant access the ‘write new post’ section of my blog thus no updates..very strange..

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