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When I grow up…

“When I grow up, I want to be a…”

When we were kids, it seemed to be a favourite past time for adults to ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Yours truly wasn’t spared from it either. But did you notice that at certain phases on our road to being a grown up, our answers to that question tend to change? Among the many answers I must have given, one was to be a writer.

During my teenage years, I wanted to write fiction. It could be due to the fact that back then, I was actively reading fiction of several genres, but mainly the mystery-solving and detective series of Carolyn Keene & Franklin W. Dixon. In fact, I even wrote my own Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys-type fiction. I wrote 2 books, can’t quite remember if I ever finished the third. 😉

And then blogging came along and that was what really fueled my passion for writing. But oddly enough, I never used blogging as a platform to writing fiction. Instead, my blog posts were more of a personal newspaper and my readers were family and friends. I guess it just happened that way as I was then living away from the family, studying abroad and just living a completely different life than before.

A number of years later, I was able to “activate” a “dormant” passion of mine (i.e. travelling) which in turn redefined what kind of writer I wanted to be. It was to be a writer for a travel magazine, covering destinations or events. Or a columnist for a newspaper, covering anything in between.

And on 19th Feb 2012, I can truly say that (in a way) my dream came true?

Thanks to Sarawak Bloggers’ collaboration with local (Sarawak) papers New Sarawak Tribune (nST) and Utusan Sarawak (US)this post of mine on Valentine’s Day was featured under the “Blogger says…” section of nST. 🙂

While what I wanted to write changed over the years, the passion to write and the dream to one day be a writer never really went away and honestly, I don’t think it ever will! So thank you Sarawak Bloggers and nST for this opportunity. Though I’m not actually a columnist per se, this is pretty close. Hehe.

Looking forward to a healthy and mutually benefiting relationship with you guys! 😀

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