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…when too little is too much

How much are you willing to do to get someone?
If you outright tell them you like them, is that too much?
If you subtly give them hints, is that too little?
When is too little too much?
And when is too much too little?
Once upon a time, there was Alice and Bob. No one knew for sure how they became an item, but they were. They were the perfect couple. At least that’s how people saw them.
Suddenly, they break up.
After all those times, theΒ “perfect partnership” was gone.
The world stood still.
What went wrong?
Mapplethorpe flower
Alice and Bob went their separate ways.
Years later, Alice and Bob met.
Alice was engaged to Chris.
Bob was still single.
Imagine how that meeting went…
Denise was at the meeting too.
Denise had liked Bob since who-knows-how-long – even before Bob broke up with Alice…
Now Denise is thinking:
Since Alice is engaged to Chris, surely Alice and Bob are over for good right? Should I make my move?
But a small voice inside Denise says:
Bob doesn’t even know you exist. Forget about Bob.
And another voice says:
What if Bob is still in love with Alice? What if Alice is still in love with Bob?
And the author asks:
What went wrong with Alice and Bob?
Did they give too little?
Did they give too much?
Should Chris be worried?
And what the hell should Denise do?
Just something to provoke your thoughts and feelings over the coming weekend…
Cheers! πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “…when too little is too much

  1. Bob should go around partying and maybe more of one night stands than getting commited to one friggin bitch that doesn’t even know how muich Bob loves her. Enough said, but we are all like panda. Panda won’t hump just because he’s horny but he humps with the person he loves, ONLY if there’s love in it. Crazy but it’s true.

  2. It depends on people actually cus each person has their own way of thinking. I am a present-type of girl and I wont look back if I’ve made a decision especially in this type of situation. If I were Alice, I’ll be with Chris because to me Chris is a present while Bob is my past…
    And it is difficult to be Denise tho! But I’ll make a try… Be flirty! Haha.

  3. too many questions.. too many uncertainties.. too many hesitations..

  4. if im denise ill jz follow my heart… make myself known to Bob who knows we are compatible.. nothing to lose in the game of… L.O.V.E When we start to think whether we are on the loosing end, or the guy is giving too lil or im giving too much.. things will go wrong bcoz when we love.. we hv to love unconditionally.. love will let you know that everything is right and ok.. love will give you that feeling of certainty.. love will answer ur doubts.. and erase your doubtful questions.. love will turn hesitation into decisions..
    love is all that matters…

  5. follow heart often leads to dissapointements, it’s true it’s better to think of logic behind it all and the consequences and just depend on howe you feel alone. It doesn’t really help because eventhouigh heart doesn’t lie but what you feel might lead you into what I would like to call a rendation of certain shades of greens that will never have its definite end. It’s like a neverending wait. It’s like how we value every summer spent and winter earned …

  6. Guys, wow…so poetic all of u. I’m speechless…Guess relationship topics really are thought provoking… πŸ™‚

  7. and heartaching too .. well, sometimes

  8. and boring.. most of the time..

  9. Lol.. so Cibol and Bong.. ur comments are.. down.
    Guess Bong is suffering from a boring relationship?
    and Cibol.. i understand.

  10. zalim la you bongkersz Muahaha!

  11. M..that story sound familiar to me eh?..

  12. M, yea..farmiliar to me too…
    On an unrelated topic: Wahaha! Can’t wait for you to come back!!! Wuuhuu!! πŸ™‚

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