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When you're gone

As I mentioned in my previous post, TWO things were revealed to me yesterday…One was of course, the wedding-that-is-currently-the-talk-of-the-town, and the other was…

A close colleague of mine is leaving the Firm.

Next Friday!

And today I found out that apparently, I WAS THE LAST TO KNOW?! 🙁

She was SOOOO fortunate she decided to tell me during lunch yesterday (nearly killing me with a sausage at it too!) cos when it came time to call it a day, another colleague blatantly asked her “When is your last day?”

Just IMAGINE if she hadn’t told me yet…

More than annoyed, more than anger, I would have been really really HURT. REALLY.

For me personally, I will make sure that if something BIG happens in MY life, something like, I don’t know, me leaving the job? (when we work together) or me leaving the country? or me getting married (which will not happen anytime soon so don’t bother asking! LOL.) I am sure to personally let those close to me be among the first to know…

That said, as I told her, she was THIS close to hurting me, but fortunately, she PERSONALLY told me before I heard it elsewhere (and it also helped that they didn’t hear it from her personally – you know how the “gossip” culture is like in offices, which I really really dislike fyi) so yeah…

THANKS SUE for being a good friend at work (and off)

You were the first person to say Hi to me when I started working here…and now, with you going, who will accompany me for lunch? Huhuhu…

I’ll miss you… 🙁

All the best with your new job starting next month!!!

And remember, whatever happened at your-soon-to-be-former-office stays at your-soon-to-be-former-office k! 😉

P.S. I’ll try very very hard not to cry on your last day…maybe if I started now it wouldn’t be so bad on the actual day? haha…I seriously doubt that…

7 thoughts on “When you're gone

  1. Oh,Mar!u really make me cry!!:'( im so sory if i hurt ur feelings..seriously,i didnt mean it..i just dun wan u 2b sad..cos i knw u wil b sad(cos u wil lost ur very close&best colleague evr kn..huhu!confidntnya aku)..n u will oso make me sad..:( but,dun wori mar..u wont b dlast person 2knw cos i knw dat Luong stil doesnt knw dat im leaving..nvrmind,we stil can go lunch 2gther bah..u go 2 bndr la(cos i dcided nt 2drve nmore)..n dun wori i’l pay 4ur parkng..hehe..bah,u dun b noty2 n dun bother wateva people in office says…’jgn th ingau org2 yg nda brtamadun atu’..n if anythng happens 2u o whenevr u need me..jst dial me k!:) im gonna miss u2 Mar! (P/S:plz3x dun cry on my last day k..o else..i wil cry 2..later bida tia if kn ambl pic hdung+mata merah :p)

    1. Haiyah Sue…now ur making ME cry…adui…
      But yeah, I will most definitely miss passing letters to you from over the partition…huhuhu…
      (P.S. We take pics using shades lah on your last day… ;p)

  2. Mar: nearly killing me with a sausage —> LOL… that i wanna see and wouldn’t wanna miss. Hahaha… we’ll do the choking tips from the office notice board though not trained ;p

    1. Hahaha…if the appraisal doesnt kill me first! Nabes eh…can I not come to the office? -_-

  3. Mar,u absolutely can..u just apply sick leave for this whole week la..(as u knw dat u gonna b sick this week kan..+u nda jd bli vit td..ehe..)then u wil b need to worry la..u bdk baik apa..shud b no prob ma!:)oh ya!almost forgt,friday no excuses k!no mttr wat,u stil hav 2cme2 ofce!o else i’l b d1 who kill u!;P

    1. *siasiapun* (to being sick)…awu lah, kan cari vitamin nada tia…hmph!
      Friday? Ok Boss! :p

  4. […] if 1 farewell isn’t enough (yesterday was her last day), in less than 12 hours, someone even closer to me will be leaving!!! […]

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