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Who will take me?

Curious title for a post?
Well…it’s a REAL question that I’m asking ALL you people reading this post…
It’s been a month that I’ve been under house-arrest…and I find it surprising to say this…but going to work is the only thing keeping me sane
It’s the only time I get out of the house…
(Freakily, I tend to get restless staying at home for a long time…thus can never picture myself as a full-time housewife like my Mom…)
Anyways, so while I have been confined to home->work->home, seems like I’ve been missing out on A LOT….
I missed Pirates of The Caribbean 3: At World’s End

I missed Shrek 3

I missed Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer

….and that’s just movies…
I’ve missed hanging out with friends…
Especially now that May’s in Kuching…
By the time I’m “mobile” again…she’ll be back in Sabah…
Huhuhuhu….yeah…so I’m pretty miserable here…

And so I ask you dear readers…
(You should already know where this is headed right….)
Who will take me?


Who will take me to watch Transformers?

Well…if you’re planning to watch it, pppppllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeee wait for me????
My next appointment is in 2 weeks…
I may finally be able to get out of this cast…and out of the house again after all this while…
So if you’re in Kuching on/after the 18th of Julywill you take me to the movies???
P.S. – Right now, I just hope its still shown at the cinema at that time…I SOoOOoOOoOO badly wanted to see Pirates 3 at the movies…but alas…have to wait for the DVD la like this…*sigh*
P.P.S. – Harry Potter is coming out real soon too…waaaaaa….

8 thoughts on “Who will take me?

  1. he he he .. anyone in Kuching, please give her a ride to the cinema. for a good cause

  2. Mar.. don’t worry.. transformers will still show when u are able to watch it. Same i missed a lot too – pirates, shrek 3, fantastic 4… ure not alone.

  3. Arch,’for a good cause’? Hahaha…;p
    drumsticks,yea..hope its still shown..i just hope next2 wed,it will b gud news im hearing..pls cont to pray 4 me kay? =)

  4. cibol, go kch take her la.. go lah… 😀 pergilah… (lol, i suddenly got the urge to sing korie n ella song) bwahahaha

  5. Bong,wat song is tht?
    Arch,wat’s that?

  6. it’s pergilah sayang.

  7. OoOoOoOoOOO…that song…haha…nice song…=p

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