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Woah… We’re Half Way There!

Woah, livin’ on a prayer.

2020 is half way over as we enter the month of July.

If you feel like you’ve spent most of the year so far under lock down (full or partial), you are definitely not alone as almost everyone in the world was/is still going through it too…

No body could ever have thought that 2020 would be the year where we mostly “stayed home”. Condolences to those who had many great and wonderful plans for the first half of the year – no doubt, most of those had to be thrown out the window, or at the very least postponed to a date in the not-so-forseeable future at the moment.

“Do you feel different, since no travelling allowed?”, a friend of mine recently asked me.

I had to pause a while to reflect on that question:

Movement Control Order (MCO)

Phase 1: 18 March – 31 March *Lent
Phase 2: 1 April – 14 April *Holy Week
Phase 3: 15 April – 28 April *Easter
Phase 4: 29 April – 12 May *Birthday Under Partial Lockdown
Phase 5 (Conditional Phase): 13 May – 9 June *Gawai Raya Festivities under new normals
Phase 6 (Recovery Phase): 10 June – 31 August *No more Work From Home (WFH)

The Stages of the Movement Control Order and it’s personal *impact on me

I did find it difficult at the beginning, especially the first time it was extended, but within Phase 2 & 3, I did not even leave the house for a whole month (27 March – 29 April)! This was when I realised that after social distancing from people for so long, one could come to actually prefer one’s own company… I guess that was why at the end of Phase 4, being alone on my birthday this year didn’t feel too depressing, but it was really nice to actually have people around that day even if only briefly. I do wished I had a proper birthday cake on that day though, although I did make a simple muffin cake for myself…

Maybe that’s why I am having this huge interest in cake right now – be it baking/eating/selling it!
Cake Mix for sale! RM15 only. Just hit me up if you’re interested!

Phase 5 was like a re-introduction into society for me. While I was still working from home, most businesses were open and I had to, on occassion, leave the safety of home for errands. However, the only real social interaction I had since the MCO began happened during this Phase with the Gawai festivities. Of course, being still in the thick of it, there was no open housing or visiting allowed so I spent that Gawai weekend confined to the home of a “second family” of mine here. It was a much needed boost of social morale.

And we are now in Phase 6 – and we still have 2 more months to go. The feeling of “normalcy” has mostly returned since its back to the office to work after 3 months. The main difference is that now, most people wear masks and we have our temperatures checked everywhere we go. We also have to physically “check-in” into places (by leaving our name and contact number) manually or using Government-issued apps to allow for contact tracing, in the event it would be required.

So, to answer my friend’s question,

In general, yes, life feels different 2020 A.C. (After COVID19) but not in particularly because I cannot travel? Or maybe that’s just because I had already travelled to the Philippines in January, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Malaysia and our neighbouring countries. While domestic travel within the country is now allowed, international borders are still closed and international travels restricted. It would be nice to be able to travel again internationally without restrictions, but I am in no rush to go anywhere at the moment.

Till my next post, remember to maintain social distance & avoid crowded places / confined spaces! Keep safe peoples ~~

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